Frank Zweegers: on improving your photography skills

Frank Zweegers: on improving your photography skills

When it comes to photography skills, having the latest technology doesn’t always mean you will have the best quality. There are a number of ways that you can improve your photography skills without having the latest devices. I will be using my Frank Zweegers art blog as a platform to share my artistic experiences, provide advice and more on the world of art. The first tip I can suggest is submerging yourself in the art by visiting art galleries, museums, art exhibitions, and other artistic venues you can appreciate work that people have dedicated months, maybe even years of their life to. It gives the opportunity to appreciate other artists perspectives to art and learn to prioritise composition, by learning about composition you’re training your eye to look for optimal proportions, light settings, and colour. You can take this further by investing in photography books. Photography books can be a great way to expose yourself to the perfectionist and experimental approaches every artist strives for or as a source of inspiration for those feeling lost or looking to expand their photography techniques.

One of the best ways to develop your photography skills is to follow photographers that you admire, you can improve your own technique or discover new ones altogether through analysis. Most photographers have their own unique style, it’s what sets them apart from one another, the photographers who inspire you most can help you perfect your own unique vision. With the power of social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter, it has never been easier to reach out and see the work and creative process of all your favourite fine art photographers. Between online interviews and online photography tutorials, there is a tutorial on everything from getting to know your camera setting to understanding editing software, all of the advice you need to improve your skills as a photographer is right at your fingertips. You can even take a class on this to improve your skills, I host a range of art classes Frank Zweegersstudios, check my timetable and come along.

One tip I cannot stress enough is to go scouting for locations! One thing I teach my students at my Frank Zweegers studios is that you should always consider the view when selecting a location, not the shoot itself. This way you see the location from a new perspective and will make the most out of every shot. Considering the view over the shoot allows you to effectively evaluate what you really see rather than how you can achieve the perfect shot. You learn to experiment with your camera and explore more of the scene than ever before by stepping away from the specific criteria of a perfect shot you can learn a lot about your own techniques.

If you take only one thing from this post on my Frank Zweegersart blog, please make sure it’s that every great photographer relies on their eye, not their equipment. To improve your vision techniques, I always recommend going back to basics and put the rules of compositions into practice. Then once you have your shot, simply use your go to editing application to improve or adjust your photographs – I always advise my students to play with failed shots in these editing systems, it can be a great way to practice your editing skills and may even give some life to discarded photographs.