Frank Zweegers is a Dutch national private art teacher, who specialises in: portrait, street, and conceptual fine art photography. He discovered his passion for the arts as a child growing up in The Hague, a city renowned for being a cultural and artistic hub. His parents would frequently take him to visit some of The Hauges best art facilities, including the ‘The Mauritshuis’ which houses the best work of the Dutch Golden age painting such as masterpieces like the Girl with a Pearl Earring. These experienced inspired him to pursue an education in fine arts. Later relocating to Amsterdam, to further his education at the ‘Amsterdam University of the Arts’. Frank Zweegers achieved an undergraduate degree in Photography and later a second bachelor’s degree in Fine Art in Education, where he discovered his love for teaching. This experience provided him with the knowledge and artistic training required to help pupils develop their creative, imaginative capacities and extend their insights into visual culture based on the unity of the visual arts.

Since moving to the United Kingdom Frank Zweegers has gained many years of experience working as an art teacher in secondary education. Working to introduce young people to the various types of art that they can pursue and to establish and develop their artistic passions. Inspired by this, he has since moved away from teaching in academic institutes and recently opened his own art studio in central London. His studio showcases some of his own private art work and is open to the public for private art classes. Frank Zweegers offers classes for beginners to intermediate students to practice and improve their artistic abilities. These classes range to focus on different areas of the arts from photography to still life drawing to contemporary and abstract painting classes. He prides himself on providing his students with a space to pursue their creativity and the chance to share his knowledge.

When not in his studio, Frank Zweegers is known to enjoy French cinema, especially the work of French film director François Truffaut and is a keen vintage movie poster collector. In his spare time, he founded and runs a slam poetry group named ‘SLAMbiguity’, who meet at various literary nights across London to share their work with the public. He is also a self confessed ‘plant dad’ after covering both his art studio and his apartment with air purifying plants to bring a slice of nature, light and life to the concrete jungle.